Oh that God would give every mother a vision of the glory and splendor of the work that is given to her when a babe is place in her bosom to be nursed and trained! Could she have but one glimpse in to the future of that life as it reaches on into eternity; could she look into it's soul to see its possibilities; could she be made to understand her own personal responsibility for the training of this child, for the development of its life, and for its destiny,--she would see that in all God's world there is no other work so noble and so worthy of her best powers, and she would commit to no others hands the sacred and holy trust given to her." -JR Miller

Sunday, April 07, 2013


You know how they say trials never come alone? Well a couple of weeks ago my dodgy (had a fracture in it) tooth broke - as I had a routine appointment coming up and there was no pain I decided to just wait - well that appointment is today - and although I know its just a check up and nothing will be done yet, it doesn't stop the nerves!
So please spare a prayer/thought for me as I sit in the dentist's chair this morning!

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