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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tissue Box Dolls House

My eldest daughter is very creative, she spent the morning at my Mum's last week (think she wanted some peace lol) and when we popped down to see her, she had made this fabulous dolls house.

Here's what she did (in case you fancy making one of your own)

Mateirals needed
tissue box (empty)
card (red and green)
paper (blue and yellow)
multi coloured paper

1. Cut wavy edges out of yellow paper (to make bushes) glued this onto the green card, and bent the edges up
2. Glued some pattern paper onto the yellow card to make a nice "ground"
3. Measured and cut out a door (from patterned paper) to attach to the hole in the tissue box, this was then sellotaped onto the box
4. Glued the tissue box onto the yellow/green/patterned card
5. Put some tissue into the tissue box to make some soft beds for the dolls, added red card as cushions
6. Cut out a circle of blue paper and popped it on the "ground" to make a swimming pool
7. Cut out a square of card and attached string to the four edges, and attatched the other end to the top of the tissue box to make a "lift"
8. Finally, found some mini dolls to enjoy the house

NB These instructions were written by me, as (almost) dictated by my daughter, hope they make sense!

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Anna @ The Imagination Tree said...

Ah that's SO sweet! And I love that she did it all by herself and dictated the instructions. Precious. Thank you for linking up to It's Playtime!
PS so sorry that my blog button is so massive on your site lol! I have no idea what's wrong with the code. :-)