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Friday, September 07, 2012

Impromptu Science Experiment with Nerf Guns

This June we "invested" in some (ok a fair few) nerf guns, we were introduced to them while visiting friends in Cumbria, they were an instant hit for children and dad alike so we decided they would be good to have in the house, of course you can't just buy one as who would they play with? So most of the children got one and we got a couple spare for when friends came to play.

My son (8) absolutely loves them and enjoys shooting with them, so I decided to capatilise on this interest and introduce science experiments and collecting, collating data and finding the averages, so science and maths all while having fun with nerf guns!! 

He has a gun that can have a blue clip on or off 

We decided to test the accuracy and distance, to discover whether it was better to have the clip on or off. 

I took an exercise book and did the writing - at the moment I wanted him to learn about science and data so didn't want to put him off by making him write - he is only 8 and writing is still a challenge. 

We decided to shoot 5 times with the blue clip on and 5 without and test accuracy first, so we (well Matt) aimed at the gate - none of the bullets hit the target but it was closest with the blue clip on.

Next was the distance test - we decided to use the good old fashioned measuring method of ---- Matt's feet lol 

I then showed him how to collate all the data and how to find the average distance.

The conclusion was - the blue clip aided accuracy but for distance it was better without the clip! 

Who would have thought that you could have such an educational experience with nerf guns!!! 

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